La Castellana PH Motorcycle Parts Store

La Castellana PH Motorcycle Parts Store

For those of you who need motorcycle parts and parts for your trike you can come to La Castellana PH in the FASTRAC Area on Negros Occidental to find what your looking for at great prices.

Motorcycle Parts, Inner Tubes, Interiors, Wheels, Colored Rims, Seats, Headlights, Shocks, Tires, Engine Parts, Brakes and more.  You can get your trike back on the road earning money again once you have your  new parts installed.

Do you need a motorcycle mechanic?  You can find motorcycle mechanic at the motorcycle store who can do the repairs for you in case you don’t want to do it by yourself.    Perhaps you want to upgrade to a “cool” look with colored rims, colored shocks and other colored items to trick out your motorcycle.

Do you think you could charge more for your ride if your motor bike is “tricked out” with colored shocks, wheels, a stereo with speakers, neon lighting, led lights and more?



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