On April 23, 2016 – 249th UnionBank Foreclosed Properties Will Be Auctioned On April 23, 2016

UnionBank Foreclosed Properties Auction


Would you like to invest in Foreclosures in the Philippines? This list of UnionBank Foreclosed Bank Owned Properties is available from by Jay Castillo a Real Estate Broker in Philippines. He has a wealth of knowledge of the Philippines foreclosure process and posts foreclosure lists from various banks including UnionBank Foreclosed Properties, BFS Foreclosures, Pag-IBIG Foreclosed Properties. He has educational information on his website about buying and selling real estate in the Philippines, Investors, Real Estate Law and Licensing. This information would be valuable to Locals, OFW’s and Expats alike.

The Philippines is getting even more popular as the days go by as a red hot tourist spot on the world stage as well as many foreign owned companies opening operations there. As the Philippine economy continues to grow and expand and more foreign investment comes ashore – property values will rise. Don’t be left behind and in 5 years wish you had bought your property in 2016. But, also, do your market research and make sure not to overpay right now. You can’t really time the real estate market – some properties may already be overpriced in anticipation of future growth – so look for properties that are priced correctly for today’s reality and market prices. Search for properties that are in the path of development. Search for properties that are in areas undergoing major infrastructure improvements. Search for properties for under utilized properties. A good example of under utilized is the following: In San Francisco – investors are purchasing homes that have an attic and basement – but the attic and basement are not finished. So, maybe they but the home of 1000 square feet for $700 a square foot. Than, they convert the attic and basement and make it live-able and legal with building permits and now the home is 1500 square feet and they will resell it for 1500 square feet for over $1000 per square foot. Add 700,000 purchase price – Add Cost to convert attic and basement. Sell for 1,500,000, subtract your costs and real estate fees and you may have a very sweet profit margin. So, Yes, this is a “real estate flip” but its not necessarily a fixer upper.. It’s an under utilized home that with some investment drastically increases it’s value.

Go Buy A Home!.. Of course..check with your Investment adviser, CPA, Real Estate Attorney before you do – and have them review all of your paperwork. Don’t loose your money by making a mistake on a bank foreclosure that is the wrong property choice or over paying or messed up paperwork.

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