10 Dating Tips For Woman – First Date

10 Top Dating Tips
10 Top Dating Tips for Lovers and Romance
    1.  Don’t share everything on the first date.  Let him be curious and want more information on another date.
    2. Listen – Be an attentive active listener – Don’t talk only about you.
    3. Don’t drink too much.  Get to know each other – sober.
    4. If your date gives you options – be decisive
    5. Let him lead – He is probably just as nervous as you.  Help make him feel comfortable taking the lead.
    6. Turn your phone off.  Your fb and twitter friends are not invited to this date.
    7. Be respectful.  Be polite to the waitstaff and to your date.  Show off your social etiquette skills.  Remember, you don’t have to date him again.
    8. Go Prepared to Pay.  The Guy will probably offer to pay.  But, he might not.  If you don’t discuss this in advance – don’t get caught off guard without your own money.  He may want you to pay for your meal.
    9. Dress Up but Comfortable at the same time.  Obviously, Don’t wear heels to a picnic in a park.
    10. Be totally real.  Be yourself, Be comfortable.  Help make him feel comfortable.